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Perfume Design Laboratory

Out of consideration of the relationship between the human sense of smell and our lives, Perfume Design Laboratory presents a new way of the use of perfume or fragrance at various events and circumstances—presentation with uniquely made perfumes, creation a comfortable environment with adequate flagrance, etc.
Through the worldwide environmental disruption and social phenomena, most of us became to aware that we should change the way of life drastically. And also, we now know that we should abolish the selfish view like “ My doctrine is the right one “ or so-called anthropocentric conscience, but to take an ecological view of life—“Nature makes us alive”.
However, understanding it might be insufficient. Realizing it is absolutely necessary. Only by doing so, we will be able to run through the chaotic deadlock and to acquire the new way of life in the 21st century. For this task, fragrance, scent, or the sense of smell which is one of human instinctive and visceral senses would be very useful—to get a gut feeling that we are made alive.
This is the basic concept of our Perfume Design Laboratory.
With collaboration from our advisor—Takeo Koizumi, Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture—, we also plan to expand our activity toward the field of food & fragrance.

Toshifumi Yoshitake
Director of Perfume Design Laboratory

Advisor: Takeo Koizumi
Born as a son of sake brewer in 1943. Doctor of Agriculture (zymurgy &zymology). Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture. He has written many books and contributes to many magazines.